Office Name: RE/MAX at the Lake

Official Name: Lake Plaza Real Estate Company dba RE/MAX at the Lake

Broker License #: 000003156

Owner: Helen M. Riggins

Designated Broker: Nancy Elizabeth Riggins (Beth)

Designated Broker #: 2000149283

Mailing Address: PO Box 1111, Laurie, MO  65038

Physical Address for FedEx, UPS, etc: 147 S. Main, Laurie, MO 65037

Wi-Fi Password: 147remax

Main Phone Numbers: 573-374-5206 or 573-374-3200.

Office Fax Line: 573-374-8363

Front Desk Personnel:  Elizabeth: Monday – Friday and Mickie: Weekends

Laurie Office Hours: 8AM-5PM 7 days a week.  Closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day & New Year’s Day

Greenview Satellite office located at Sorrento Square, Kevin Winters’ Team: Hours Open 9-5 Monday - Friday and By Appointment on Weekends

Contact info:

Helen, 573-216-0568,

Beth, 573-216-0569,



UPS Shipping Account:  Driver picks up daily at Central Bank, (across the street) prior to 5PM or Sunrise Title 5:15-5:30 or in Camdenton 4pm to 6pm (I have dropped off as late as 7:30pm).  Envelopes and shipping labels available in Laurie office.  Please give us a copy of the shipping label.  We will add cost to your monthly billing when invoice is received.

Each agent will receive a Brokerage owned number.  You will be assigned a three digit extension, and the direct number will be 573-374-3XXX (example, if extension is 201 then the phone number will be 573-374-3201).  MREC has a rule that all advertising and marketing materials must have a Brokerage owned phone number.  Your office number can be forwarded to your cell number and Agents can have their cell phone as a secondary number but Agents CANNOT legally use ONLY the Agent owned cell number on marketing materials.




20 CSR 2250-8.070 Advertising

(2) No real estate advertisement by a licensee shall show only a post office box number, telephone number or street address. Every advertisement of real estate by a licensee shall contain the broker’s regular business name or the name under which the broker or the broker’s firm is licensed and shall indicate that the party advertising is a real estate broker and not a private party. (3) Every advertisement of real estate by a licensee where the licensee has no interest in the real estate shall be made under the direct supervision and in the name of the broker or firm who holds the licensee’s license. If the licensee’s name or telephone number, or both, is used in any advertisement, the advertisement also shall include the name and telephone number of the broker or firm who holds the licensee’s license.